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Jiu Jitsu is more than a sport, it is an art that can bring discipline and tranquility to its dedicated practitioners.

Prof Vagner Santana and his team teach exclusively at our Upper Eastside, Upper Westside, and Tribea schools. We could not be prouder to bring this excellent program to our members at Modern Martial Arts.

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"I was welcomed and respected by all"

"I came to Modern Martial Arts a year ago. Being a 2nd degree black belt in Judo, and having “rolled” with many BJJ practitioners, I had a idea of what to expect. I was expecting a contest of egos and big time grinding. What I got was grinding, but without the egos… I was welcomed and respected by all. This is no accident. Santana, the head instructor instills an atmosphere of mutual benefit and respect in all his students."

- Christopher Maksymowicz

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"It is a great workout, and cerebral activity"

"This place is a hidden gem in the NY jiu jitsu scene. Prof Santana has a unique ability to convey the fundamentals of BJJ and build it as a foundation for the students as they progress. If you haven't tried BJJ, I highly recommend that you do. It is a great workout, and cerebral activity. Most importantly, it is a lot of fun.”

- Abidur, purple belt

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Come join us for two trial classes. Let us prove to you that our method works. Period.

When you join our jiu jitsu program, you're not just reserving your spot in a 45-minute class. You're also gaining a support community, access to world class coaches, and the tools necessary for a profound lifestyle change. OSS!

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