Our core vision is to change people's lives in a positive manner everyday

We employ the tools that center around the benefits of the martial arts in the hope to inspire people to take small actions that can add up to a big difference in their lives.

With passion and pride we deliver an education experience that exceeds expectations. Our goal is to change the world one black belt at a time; we will make this happen in an enriching environment of trust, cooperation, and mutual respect.

Because of our small size and long-running experience, you get exceptional service. Our success is supported by our loyal customer base; we understand how important a sense of community is to our members. If you tell us what your goals are, we will do everything we can to help you achieve them.

We are our members

We are not an aggregate of staff members and black belt instructors. We are doctors, lawyers, writers, students, personal assistants, financial advisors, computer programmers, musicians... we are our members. If you were to ask them what it is that they love about Modern Martial Arts, they may come back to you with a list like this:

  • Small class size and personalized attention
  • Energetic and varied workouts
  • Caring and charismatic Black Belt Instructors
  • A proven track record of positive influence in our neighborhoods
  • A fun, nurturing, & transformative place that gives you the space to try something new

Our programs feature:

  • Adaptive martial arts curriculum
  • Strength, cardio, and flexibility training
  • A community of people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds
  • An opportunity for you to discover your hidden talents
  • The most fun and fulfilling workout you've ever had

Whenever someone new joins one of our schools, we don't just gain a new student so much as we add a new member to our family. Our schools thrive because of our members, and they are at the heart of what we do.

Martial Arts Friends

Want to try a class?

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